Raynor FireHoist™ garage door operators are UL listed for use with Raynor FireCoil™ fire-rated rolling doors, as well as for retro-fit applications where existing fire doors require new operators. Available in a variety of HP options, Raynor FireHoist offers helical, spur and planetary gear drive designs. Your Raynor Dealer will help you select the operator and accessories that are suited for your door’s size and usage.

FireHoist FS

Raynor FireHoist FS operators offer 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 3/4HP, 1-1/2HP, and 2HP, planetary reduction gear drive options, providing an integrated fire door control system. Featuring a high efficiency gear reducer and horizontal front of coil installation the FireHoist in-line offering is versatile, and able to withstand the most rigorous environments. The FS models are also available in 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 3/4HP, 1-1/2HP retro-fit options, designed to accommodate existing Fire Doors by eliminating all the components that typically fail.


  • UL Listed
  • NEMA 1 Closure
  • 3-button open/close/stop control
  • 24-volt control circuit
  • Time delayed automatic closing
  • Detector/alarm input
  • Adjustable linear driven limit switches