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IGS 450 Non-Thermal

Arch Aluminum & Glass Storefront systems are both and economical solution and flexible when it comes to design. These center glazed systems can accommodate 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 1″ glazing infill. These systems are ideal for single span storefronts and feature punched opening and strip window capability. All storefront systems are available in anodized, environmentally friendly ArchKote 1000™ or ArchKote ™ 6000 powder coat, and liquid or Fluoropolymer painted finish. Contact your local Arch branch or representative for further details.

IGS 450 EZ Non-Thermal

IGS 450 EZ Storefont System manufactured by Arch Aluminum and Glass has a 25 year history of proven field performance and continues to be recognized by architects as a reliable and economical product. This 2″ x 4-1/2″ system meets a wide range of project requirements. Screw spline construction allows easy fabrication with dies available to fit most punch presses. Steel reinforcing and heavy wall mullions are available to meet larger span requirements. Head receptor, corner, and expansion mullions tailor the system for many low-rise applications. Integral door frames give you the choice of any entrance offered by Arch. This system is available in standard anodized, liquid paint, or Environmentally Smart Archkote Powder Coat finish.


ASTM E 283: air shall not exceed .06 CFM when tested at 6.24 PSF.


ASTM E 331: no uncontrolled water when tested at 10 PSF.


ASTM E 330: maximum deflection of 1/175 with a safety factor of 1.65.
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