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EconoQuick Modular Strip and Curtain System

EconoQuick™ Modular Strip Door and Curtain System is a system of flexible, independent, pre-assembled strip door sections that can be combined to create a wide range of finished strip door sizes. Each module is either two or three feet wide and consists of a galvanized steel bracket and a pre-assembled “sheet” of strips.


Largest Selection of Strip Material-Chase has a state of the art extrusion line capable of offering a wide variety of PVC materials and sizes. This vertical integration allows us to maintain high quality while controlling cost. You pay less because we do it all!

  • Installs 3x to 10x Faster than the Competitive Strip Door Designs: The pre-assembled multi-strip extrusion eliminates the time consuming layout, overlap, alignment guesswork and hanging of each individual strip. Also, strip clips and fasteners have been eliminated.
  • Hangs Flat Right Out of the Box: Unique poly-bagged, roll core packaging eliminates twisting, puckering and curling. No need to lie strips flat 24 hours in advance. Also the
  • modules are rolled with the mounting end outside, there is no need to unroll prior to hanging, just open the package, slide the module over the bracket and let the strip unroll to the floor.
  • Stockable Design: The pre-assembled 2’ and 3’ multi-strip sections with predetermined
  • overlap are simply added together for unlimited size combinations. This allows for the distributor to stock a limited number of SKU’s to fill a wide range of opening sizes.
  • Faster Replacements and Retrofits Too!: The slotted holes in the multi-strip extrusion are on two inch centers so they can be easily used to retrofit most traditional bracket styles.



Largest Selection of Strip Material in the Industry. Choose from seven different vinyl strip formulations in 6 different widths and 4 different thicknesses with over 36 different combinations of characteristics.

  • Standard Clear
  • Loc-Rib
  • Colorview
  • Safety
  • Anti-Static
  • Amberweld
  • Low Temp



  • Designed for use in walk-in coolers, food preparation areas and any other application where conserving energy and complete visibility is essential.
  • Constructed with clear .120” PVC vinyl for complete visibility and maximum safety. Optional low temperature or anti-static material is available.
  • Self-closing gravity hinge has zinc base and stainless steel arm for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Optional impact plates are available for abusive applications.
  • Not recommended for motorized traffic.

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