Corrosion-Resistant & Fiberglass Doors

Fib-R-Dor Fiberglass Door

Fib-R-Dor fiberglass doors utilize a unique “outside-in” manufacturing process, creating a highly durable panel with no seams or gaps. The entire exterior of the door is molded fiberglass, with a permanent bond to the core material insuring durability and long panel life. Designed for use on interior and exterior applications, and can be equipped with virtually any hardware configuration required. Fib-R-Dor panels are available with up to 90 minute labels for fire rated doors.


  • Door Surface: Mirror-smooth gel coated fiberglass panels are constructed with impact resistant, premium grade resins. The resin is reinforced with hand-laid glass fibers that are integrally molded creating a corrosion resistant, one piece exterior surface.
  • Door Core: Available with a variety of cores including; end grain balsa, urethane foam, polypropylene honeycomb and gypsum for fire rate doors.
  • Door Edge: Multiple layers of pigmented resin are chemically welded to the face sheets creating a monolithic one-piece exterior. This design, combined with steel reinforcement plates buried beneath the fiberglass at hinge locations easily supports the weight of the door.
  • Frame: A variety of frame options including pultruded fiberglass and stainless steel are available. Chase offers several common fiberglass frames for installation on most wall conditions including insulated panel walls. In addition, stainless steel frames can be manufactured to your specific requirements.

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