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High Performance Rubber Door

High Speed Rubber Doors

Our Extreme Performance Rubber Doors offer high performance, high speed and impactability for your most challenging environments. Choose these durable and reliable doors in openings exposed to severe conditions where maximum uptime and minimal maintenance is desired.

Please note: The High Performance Rubber Door is not available in all countries.

Extreme Performance Rubber Doors have been specifically designed for applications where the following conditions exist…

  • Frequent risk of accidental impact from trains, trucks, trams or other equipment
  • Significant dirt or corrosive factors
  • Extreme climate conditions: torrential rain, blizzard snow, scorching heat or frigid cold
  • Pressure differentials from winds or ventilation airflow
  • Fast-paced traffic with doors required to run 24/7/365

Maximum Uptime

These doors are built to stay up and running with minimum downtime, even in the most severe situations:

  • NEWGEN® Guide and CurtainLok™ retention system withstands severe winds and impacts from any direction
  • Dependable and proven heavy-duty drive system configurations
  • Simple, no-tools-required curtain resetting

Easy to Install and Maintain

These durable doors are easy to install, service and clean daily.

  • NEWGEN® Guide is one piece, high strength aluminum
  • No hinges, cables, pulleys or curtain guide cap to maintain
  • Simplified design makes it easy to maintain without ordering special parts


Long Life

The Extreme Rubber Door’s sustainable design is flexible and resistant to wear – improving its lifespan:
Thick ¼” SBR rubber with reinforced core weave withstands head-on impacts. Flexible and resistant to abusive environments and temperatures from -40°F to +180°F.
Innovative simplicity of the NEWGEN® Guide and CurtainLok™ retention system virtually eliminates wear

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