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Cornell 5015 Security Grille


The 5015 Rolling Grille is built for the long haul. The rugged grille features solid rods that are spaced 33% closer than standard grille construction. And, the links are 50% heavier with tube spacers on each and every rod. The 5015 provides robust security without blocking vision or airflow.

There are times when you need to balance security, visibility, and air flow. The 5015 provides an enhanced level of security from standard grilles but retains the visibility and air flow so often needed in applications such as parking garages and store fronts.

The tube spacers placed on every rod not only ensure the utmost security and durability, they also allow for the 5015 grille curtain to be powder coated – improving aesthetics while maintaining the grille’s rugged security.

Standard construction up to 30′ wide x 20′ high
If you need a larger size, please contact us


The grilles are constructed for daily use and can withstand operation of up to 20 cycles per day – that’s 50K cycles for the lifetime of the grille. Dependent on curtain configuration and spring selection.

This grille is also available in 100K, high cycle construction for more than 20 cycles per day.

If your requirements call for increased speed (up to 24 inches per second), more than 50 cycles per day, or 300,000 cycles lifetime, consider our line of High Performance products.

Materials and Finishes

5015 Grilles are available in:

  • Aluminum in mill, clear, or color anodized
  • Stainless steel – 300 series in #4 finish
  • SpectraShield Powder Coating in more than 180 colors

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