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CrossingGard® Security Grilles


CrossingGard® is an Emergency Response Grille designed to help address both security and safety issues in public areas. CrossingGard provides the security of a locked, rolling grille — but immediately responds in an emergency situation to fully open automatically and allow safe escape. Our exclusive CrossingGard e-gress grille is always on duty to provide separation control, yet still allows access to an alternate means of escape.

CrossingGard® Model ERG-IBC provides the following benefits:

Safety: CrossingGard’s fail-safe emergency response helps save lives. When an alarm sounds, power is lost or if an emergency exit push-button station is activated, the CrossingGard immediately clears the path by returning the grille to its full open position without requiring an electric or battery power source.
Security: No manual locking or unlocking required. AutoLock automatically secures a closed grille by engaging upon attempt of forced opening. AutoLock remains disengaged during normal and emergency operation.
Simplicity: No resetting is necessary to resume normal operation. Following an emergency situation, the CrossingGard can be repositioned to the closed position by activating “close” at the motor control station.
Speed: If desired, CrossingGard’s early installation option system lets grilles to be mounted on factory supplied tubular members before walls are built and before there is a finished opening.

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