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Extreme® 300 Series High Performance Grille


For building owners and maintenance managers tired of repairing or replacing commercial doors or grilles, the Extreme® 300 Series Grille is the answer. Ideal for parking garages or other high traffic openings, the 300 Series Grille delivers 300,000 maintenance-free cycles, with an operated speed of up to 24” per second and a 2 year warranty.

Our Extreme® 300 Series High Performance Grille:

  • Opens 3 times faster than a standard rolling grille
  • Has a sustainable and durable design rated for continuous duty
  • Features a 2 year warranty on the operator and a 2 year/300K cycle warranty on the additional components
  • Complies to the UL 325 standards for occupant safety
  • Accepts virtually all activation systems

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