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SentryGate® Grille


Our most secure grille in the product line up, the SentryGate’s® patented design is an alternative to traditional rolling or counter grilles. Featuring a unique curtain comprised of injection molded components and continuous metal rods, the SentryGate® provides the ultimate protection to a parking garage entrance, in front or behind a glass storefront or closed pharmacy counter.



The SentryGate® combines high strength injection molded components with continuous metal rods. Its attractive brick pattern design is 65% open-air, for high visibility and ventilation. Our grille can be operated manually as a push-up or with a hand crank. If a motor is required, a standard motor, or compact integrated tube motor is available – key when headroom or aesthetics are of importance.

The SentryGate® provides:

  • Ultimate security protection
  • Easy retro-fitting to existing structures: The unit can bolt directly to existing wall constructions, frames or mullions, without the penalty of remodel downtime and cost
    Up to 5” less headroom than traditional rolling grilles for some designs
  • Rugged curtain construction: SentryGate® curtains will maintain structural integrity and clean look, even with high cycle use
  • Little or no routine maintenance

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