Rolling Counter Shutters – With a proven track record for durability, DuraShutter counter shutters are ideal for retail and commercial facilities where both appearance and dependability are important.

DuraShutter SELECT

Available in aluminum or stainless steel, this shutter is ideal for applications requiring unique materials or performance characteristics to meet specific design requirements.


Every DuraShutter counter shutter is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

  • Curtain Hood: Curtain hoods are square and designed for maximum structural rigidity.
  • Curtain: All DuraShutter curtains are constructed with heavy-duty steel, stainless steel or aluminum flat slats.
  • Counterbalance System: A torsion-spring-operated system, enclosed in a structural steel barrel, effectively counterbalances the door for a minimum of 7,500 cycles.
  • Guides: Guides, constructed of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, allow for face or jamb mounting. Wool pile strips inside the guides provide smooth, quiet operation.
  • Bottom bar: Curtain bottoms are constructed of steel or stainless steel with a foam edge to protect the sill. Extruded aluminum bottom bars feature a vinyl seal.
  • Locks: Cylinder or thumb-turn locks help keep your building secure. Thumb-turn locks are standard on shutters with manual or crank operation.



  • 187 ArmorBrite Colors: Choose your color! DuraShutter frames and curtains can be powder-coated in any of 187 colors to match your design scheme.
  • Brush Seals: A brush-type guide or header seal increases energy efficiency.



Integral Frame Counter Shutters are ready to go. Offered in built-in and slip-in styles, Raynor integral frame counter shutters provide maximum strength and security with metal frames, shutters and sills that are factory-assembled as a complete unit. Both options are available with manual, crank or motor operation. Each offers a clean appearance and unique advantages depending on your application needs.

  • Slip-In Style Frames: For your existing walls, the slip-in style frames are a sleek and easy solution.
  • Built-In Style Frames: For masonry walls not yet constructed, built-in style frames provide a clean, finished appearance.



  • DuraShutter STANDARD counter shutters are available in Gray. Counter shutter frames and curtains can also be powedercoated in any 187 ArmorBrite colors.
  • DuraShutter SELECT counter shutters are available in Stainless Steel with a #4 finish or in Aluminum with a clear-anodized finish.

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