Sectional Raised Panel Doors – When your building’s facade needs classic raised panel design, choose from DesignForm doors. With style choices, like mixed panel designs and safety features including finger-protection, DesignForm Doors offer the aesthetic options of a residential door, combined with the durability of a commercial door. Matches innovations Series residential doors.

DesignForm OPTIMA

A perfect commercial-sized companion for the residential Centura doors, this full 2″, R-18 door will brighten up the appearance of any building, inside and out. Available in a wide range of colors, the DesignForm OPTIMA is your best choice for an over-sized, classic residential appearance.


  • Durable Door Sections: Raynor DesignForm sections are constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel and coated with a baked-on, fade-resistant polyester finish for maximum durability, rust-resistance and color retention.
  • Raynor Finger Protection System: As your garage door closes, the exclusive Raynor Finger Protection System gently pushes fingers away from section joints and our of harm’s way.
  • Energy-Saving Insulation: Our state-of-the-art polyurethane insulation gives DesignForm OPTIMA and STANDARD doors the industry’s highest R-values.
  • Custom-Fit Track: All Raynor custom-fit track is constructed from heavy-gauge steel for maximum stability and long life. Made specifically to order, our track is adjustable so your door always fits perfectly against your door opening, preventing energy loss.



  • White
  • ClayTone
  • Almond



  • GrayTone
  • Dark Brown
  • Hunter Green

Dark Brown & Hunter Green feature the Kynar paint process, which provides extended UV protection against fading.


  • Dimensions: Dimensions leaded and beveled-style windows add unmatched character to your door. Translucent designs illuminate your garage interior, while maintaining privacy.
  • Acrylic Leaded & Beveled: Create the appearance of authentic leaded and beveled windows with these four stunning acrylic designs. (1) Antique Brass Ranch, (2) Antique Charcoal Ranch, (3) Regency Brass Colonial, (4) Expressions Brass Colonial.
  • Frosted Leaded Glass: Frosted and leaded glass styles give you soft, diffused light and more privacy. (1) Diamond Colonial, (2) Diamond Ranch, (3) Ovals & Diamond Ranch
  • Frosted Beveled Glass: The bevel designs in these frosted glass windows create a subtle elegance. (1) Sunrise Colonial, (2) Sunrise Ranch, (3) Pinnacle Colonial, (4) Pinnacle Ranch
  • Silkscreen Styles: Give your door a touch of sophistication with Raynor silkscreen window designs. Enjoy the divided light that radiates through these split window patterns. (1) Sherwood Colonial, (2) Sunburst Ranch, (3) Cathedral Colonial
  • Snap-In Styles: Snap-in window designs add charm. Choose from a variety of colors to match your garage door or paint them to complement the exterior facade. (1) Sunburst Colonial, (2) Sunburst Ranch, (3) Stockton Colonial, (3) Stockton Ranch, (4) Cascade Colonial, (4) Cascade Ranch, (5) Sherwood Colonial, (6) Cathedral Colonial, (7) Sunray Ranch
  • Clear & Obscure: (1) Clear Colonial, (2) Clear Ranch, (3) Obscure Colonial, (4) Obscure Ranch

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