Sectional Ribbed Doors – Rugged SteelForm doors are a standard choice for commercial and industrial garage door needs. Constructed from a single layer of steel with optional windows and insulation, SteelForm sections are a full 2″ thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance.

SteelForm BASIC

A simple solution for typical applications, this door provides Raynor quality and durability in a limited selection of sizes, features and options.


Every SteelForm door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed with stainless steel rivets and roll-formed tongue-and-groove meeting rails for maximum structural integrity. SteelForm doors are built to withstand windloads to 20 p.s.f.
  • Rugged Hardware & Springs: Your SteelForm door comes packaged with the right combination of hardware, track, and springs to precisely match your door’s size and application and provides years of reliable service.
  • Decreased Energy Costs: SteelForm doors help you reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal secured by a sturdy aluminum retainer.

SteelForm Doors Feature: hot-dipped galvanized, rust-resistant steel with a baked-on finish.


  • Insulation: SteelForm doors are available with energy-saving insulation. Choose from hardboard, white impact-resistant or steel (26,24,20 or 16-gauge) back covers.
  • Customized Track & Hardware System: Track systems are supplied to fit special clearances, inclines, or contour applications. Hardware and track systems can be designed to fit any need. (Some options may be limited to door size or model.) Additional trussing is available for special windloading applications.
  • Choice of Windows: Windows are available in your choice of either 24″ x 8″ oval or in full-view aluminum intermediate sections. Choose from a variety of insulated and non-insulated glass, acrylic and polycarbonate styles suitable for any application.
  • High-Cycle Counterbalance Systems: For reliable operation in High traffic areas, choose high-cycle torsion springs with 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000-cycle life. For reduced maintenance and ultra-smooth operation in heavy-use applications, choose a weight counterbalance system.
  • Locks: In applications where control and access are important, choose from a variety of locking options to help keep your building secure. (Some options may be limited to door size or model) Locks come in both inside and outside variations.
  • Removable Center Posts: Carry-away and swing-up options are available for extra-wide openings. Ideal for agricultural or airplane hangar applications.
  • Pedestrian Doors: Pedestrian doors are designed for convenient entry and to help minimize energy loss. (Some options may be limited to door size or model) Available on SteelForm STANDARD models.
  • Carbon Monoxide Vent: Allows you to channel fumes to the outside when door is closed. Available in a variety of sizes.



    Header Seal: Flexible, EPDM rubber flap header seal reduces air infiltration and energy costs by sealing the top of the door against the header.
    Section Joint Seal: SteelForm doors are available with a neoprene foam rubber section joint seal to help prevent airflow between sections.
    Jamb Seal: Jamb seal also helps to reduce air infiltration and decrease energy costs by sealing the side of the door when closed. Available in EPDM rubber or flexible vinyl flap.

All SteelForm doors are available in White. For additional product color options.
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