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Raynor TC Series


Thermal Sectional Doors – With a proven track record for thermal efficiency and extreme durability, Raynor TC Series is simply the best you can specify. With extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two steel skins, TC Series doors have an exceptional R-value of 17.05. And, its superior construction has made it the most specified sectional door on the market.

TC320 Series

Designed for optimum strength and performance, this door’s 20-gauge exterior steel skin and rugged hardware provides the ultimate in dependability. Raynor TC320 is ideal in applications where security and thermal protection are required.


Every Raynor TC Series door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

  • Maximum Thermal Efficiency: 3″ thick TC Series door sections are fully insulated with extruded polystyrene insulation.
  • Optimum Energy Savings: Flexible, EPDM rubber flap header seal reduces air infiltration and energy costs by sealing the top of the door against the header.
  • Reduced Airflow: A vinyl section joint seals prevents airflow between sections. Our patented RollLock mechanically interlocked thermal barrier prevents heat loss and eliminates any metal-to-metal contact.
  • Rugged hardware and springs: Your TC Series door comes packaged with the right combination of long-lasting hardware, track, and springs to precisely match your door’s size and application.
  • Decreased Energy Costs: TC Series doors help you reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal.
  • Colors: All TC Series doors are available in White.

TC Series Door feature extruded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two hot-dipped galvanized, rust-resistant steel skins.


  • Choice of Windows: Select either 24″ x 8″ oval or full-view window in 36″ x 14″ or 42″ x 14″ sizes. Choose from a variety of insulated glass styles to suit any application.
  • High-cycle Counterbalance Systems: For reliable operation in high traffic areas, choose high-cycle torsion springs with 25,000, 50,000 or 100,00-cycle life. For reduced maintenance and ultra-smooth operation in heavy-use applications, choose a weight counterbalance system.
  • Jamb Seal: Helps to decrease energy costs and reduce air infiltration by sealing the side of the door when closed.
  • Locks: In applications where control and access are important, choose from a variety of locking options to help keep your building secure. Locks come in both inside and outside variations. (Some options may be limited to size or model)
  • Customized Track & Hardware Systems: Track systems are supplied to fit special clearances, inclines or contour applications. Hardware and track systems can be designed to fit any need. Additional trussing is available for special windloading applications. (Some options may be limited to size or model)
  • Pedestrian Doors: Pedestrian doors are designed for convenient entry and to help minimize energy loss. (Some options may be limited to size or model)
  • Removable Center Posts: Carry-away and swing-up options are available for extra-wide openings. Ideal for agricultural or airplane hangar applications.
  • Carbon Monoxide Vent: Allows you to channel fumes to the outside when door is closed. Available in a variety of sizes.



Large Opening Sizes – Because Raynor TC Series doors are so durable, we offer this product in a variety of sizes to accommodate large opening applications.
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