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Criterion Rigid Vinyl

Panelfold is the first company in the world to invent, patent and commercialize folding doors incorporating flexible panel connector hinges. After five decades, Panelfold doors remain among the better engineered, more durable and more attractive on the market.

Criterion Rigid Vinyl

No expensive stubbing out or heading down is required to install Criterion rigid vinyl panel folding doors. Engineered to travel smoothly on lifetime nylon wheels and ceilings. Simply attach the aluminum track to the ceiling or header with supplied screws. Unique concealed jamb clips are provided to clip on the deep nesting jamb mould which receives the end post latch and the permanent jamb. No exposed fasteners. Fast, neat and practical. These models are really easy to handle on the job.





  • Tough, lightweight 4″ (100mm) wide panels
  • Full height, self mating, integral hinges
  • Smooth rolling nylon wheels
  • Extruded aluminum decorative track
  • Full height jamb mould and magnetic latch
  • Concealed jamb fasteners

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