Prime Spacer Model 360 - Jammer Doors

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Prime Spacer Model 360

Design integrity and the understanding of functional space has made Panelfold the first preference of the discriminating designer for over four decades. PrimeSpacer® relocatable/portable walls complement Panelfold’s Moduflex® operable walls, Sonicwal®, Scale/12® and Scale/8® and Fabricwal® acoustical accordion folding partitions, and Signature®, Scale/6®, Scale/4® and Criterion® folding doors.

Prime Spacer Model 360

Model 360 Factory Assembled, instantly portable panels are set in place like furniture; Model 360 factory assembled panels are retained by ceiling and jamb channels. A full range of options, including pass-doors, self-illuminated exit signs, partial height and full height windows, and chalk, marker and tackable surfaces may be specified.

  • Sound transmission ratings to STC 42
  • Three inch (76mm) thick panels
  • Available to 12 feet (3658mm) high
  • Class “A” flame spread rating
  • Sheer Look® panel edges with no exposed trim

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