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Pentalift Dock Seals & Shelters

Pentalift manufactures a complete range of foam and air inflatable dock seals as well as rigid, flexible and air inflatable dock shelters. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at loading dock. The wide range of fabric materials, configurations, and options allow you to build the best solution for your application.

Pentalift Model PS 100 Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal

The PS-100 Fixed Header dock seal is a compressible, foam-filled, 3 sided dock seal. It is best suited for a door opening that is 8′ wide X 8′ high / 8′ wide X 9′ high which services trucks/trailers of approximately the same size. Once the PS-100 dock seal is compressed, a gasket seal is formed between the rear of the truck/trailer and the building.


  • Enviro-Green foam design scores LEED Certification credits
  • Standard 12″ high head pad
  • Standard 12″ face side pads
  • Galvanized fasteners and hardware maintains building aesthetics
  • Kiln dried quality wood backboard as standard
  • Single base cover fabric
  • Minimum of 3, 1/2″ diameter exhaust holes per side pad and head pad allows air to easily escape during vehicle positioning
  • Evenly applied adhesive assures secure bonding of foam to backboard
  • Full length 4″ yellow guide stripes assists with proper vehicle positioning’



  • Fire retardant foam
  • Pressure treated wood backboard
  • Galvanized steel backing
  • Wear pleats on face of dock seal provides added protection against wear
  • Metal hood with gutter protects against snow build up and rain runoff
  • Complete range of head pad designs to address specific application needs
  • Beveled side pads
  • Tapered side pads
  • Bottom seal/horizontal pad
  • Fixed head pad drop curtains for lower trailers
  • Build-out boxes for large projection applications
  • Wide range of covering fabrics and colors

Considerations: Ideal dock height is 48″-50″. Level vehicle approach is ideal. If approach is declined or inclined adjust bumper projection accordingly. Recommended side and head pad projection is 4″-6″ beyond the face of the dock bumpers.
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