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Series HDRS Roll-Off Stop Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Pentalift manufactures a complete line of both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers offering the best value in the industry. Mechanical dock levelers are available with capacities ranging from 25,000 lb to 50,000 lb. Hydraulic dock levelers are available with capacities ranging from 25,000 lb to 100,000 lb as standard. Pentalift also offers vertical storing dock levelers, solar powered dock levelers and edge of dock levelers.

Series HU Ultima Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The Pentalift Series HU Ultima Hydraulic Dock Leveler provides Ultimate in value in function and structure available in a Dock Leveler.


  • High-strength, 4-way safety tread plate, deck and lip assembly: 55,000 psi yield
  • Full-width self cleaning, heavy-wall hinge tube: 70,000 psi yield
  • Gussets on lip and headboard hinge maximize support
  • 3/8″ Thick, 50,000 psi yield, headboard with bridged gaps
  • Structural, precision-formed “C” beams; 65,000 psi yield. Specially designed beams allow Pentalift to create and build the deck support with optimal strength-to-weight ratio for a dock leveler. Utilizing 10 beams assures an even load distribution and maximum deck support.
  • Central deck beam for added support of three wheeled vehicles.
  • Rear frame assembly features five vertical structural members with eight points of even support for the full width of the rear hinge.
  • Heavy-duty front frame provides full width, cross traffic support and superior building aesthetics.
  • Night locks prevents unauthorized entry when overhead door is locked on top of Dock Leveler.
  • Full width, structural channel tail board and one piece, full width rear hinge, complete with heavy steel gussets. Pentalift’s unique, welded assembly provides a box section for superior support and strength.



Pentalift Hydraulic Dock Levelers incorporate unique and important operating features to achieve the most safe and reliable operation available in a Hydraulic Dock Leveler. These operating features are described in more detail below.

  • A Pentalogic Hydraulic Control Manifold: Operating every hydraulic function with only two moving parts, the Pentalogic Hydraulic Control Manifold revolutionized Dock Leveler Hydraulic control circuitry. Conventional Hydraulic Dock Leveler Control valve circuitry is comprised of several individual function valve assemblies. Their assemblies are constructed from many sub components, increasing the potential of hydraulic component failure and oil leaks. Utilizing only two moving components, the non-adjustable Pentalogic Hydraulic Manifold eliminates all concerns related to on-site adjustment, oil leaks or hydraulic component failure.
  • B Hydraulic Power Unit: Incorporates internal filtration system and 1-1/2HP Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated motor. Provides hydraulic flow and pressure to the Pentalogic Hydraulic Manifold. Simple and reliable even in the harshest applications. Hydraulic power units are available in all common single and three phase AC voltages.
  • C Lift Cylinder Placement: The beneficial advantage of the Pentalift lift cylinder placement is explained in more detail under Control Panels.
  • D Top-Fed Forward Positioned Lift Cylinder: Top feeding in the hydraulic cylinder automatically ejects air from the hydraulic system. It also maintains the hydraulic connection and hoses away from dirt and debris on the pit floor.
  • E Self Range Full Toe Protection: Pentalogic Hydraulic Manifold allows the lip assembly to gently retract into the pendant position prior to the arrival of the next incoming vehicle.
  • F Full Range Toe Protection: Full Range Telescopic Toe Protection; upper and lower sections feature a “bend relief” to increase strength.
  • G Integral Maintenance Stand: Inegral Maintenance Stand facilities support during routine support and maintenance. Pentalift Maintenance Stand supports the lip as well the Dock Leveler deck assembly.
  • H Fixed Rear Hinge: Fixed Rear Hinge remains flush with the rear of the pit to eliminate pinch points and surface obstructions. Small gap at deck plate and frame junction reduces impact or bump for fork lift operator compared to competitive designs.



Pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels, “in house” at the factory to accommodate the interlocking of other Dock Equipment such as Vehicle Restraints, Overhead Doors and Inflatable Dock Seals/Shelters to create a safe and productive Loading Dock System.

Simple Basic Operation:

  • NEMA 12 – wall mounted push button station, facilitates simple basic operation.
  • Protects against falling dirt, circulating dust, lint, fibers, filings and against dripping and light splashing of liquids.
  • Other NEMA Rated Enclosures are available.

Optional Auto Return, Deck Stop with Independent Lip Control Features

Auto Return:

  • This feature allows the Dock Leveler to automatically reposition itself back to the stored position.
  • If a truck leaves the dock before the Dock Leveler is stored by the attendant the Dock Leveler will slowly travel to the bottom of the pit and then automatically re-store itself.
  • Included is a selector switch that enables the dock attendant to turn off the Auto Return feature during below dock end loading / unloading operations.


Deck Stop with Independent Lip Control:

  • The Deck Stop feature adds the ability for the operator to fully stop the travel of the Dock Leveler deck while in operation, all with one button. This enhances the operation and assists with protecting product loaded a the end of the trailer.
  • The independent Lip Control feature allows the dock attendant to have full and complete control of the Dock Leveler lip extension throughout the operating range of the Dock Leveler. It allows easier positioning of the lip for end loading / unloading operations.


Master Control Panels:

  • Operator confusion or error is addressed by providing a single interlocked and synchronized panel to operate all equipment at the loading dock. Separate Control Panels for each individual piece of equipment can lead to operator confusion and compromised safety.
  • Incorporates all loading dock equipment operations and control onto one Master Control Panel.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple panels.
  • Includes the interlocking of all equipment to create a complete, productive and safe operating dock system.
  • Electrical Hook-up costs are significantly reduced with a Master Control Panel.


Other Control Panel Options:

  • Lockable Electrical Disconnects
  • Overhead Door Controls
  • GFCI duplex outlets for Dock Light
  • Other NEMA Rated Enclosures
  • For special requests consult Factory



  • Pour In Place: This option simplifies installation and reduces costs in new construction applications. A metal frame and pan encloses the Dock Leveler. This allows the Dock Leveler to be placed into a recess in the foundation and to have concrete poured around it during the floor pour of the building. Installation welding is completed a the factory. Overall costs of installing the Dock Leveler are reduced substantially.
  • Weatherseal: This option provides a rubber or brush weatherseal along the sides and rear of the Dock Leveler. The weatherseal reduces the passing of outside elements (cold, heat or debris) from outside, into the facility, by sealing the edges of the Dock Leveler against the Dock Leveler pit. In addition, brush weatherseal is effective in reducing the entry of vermin into the facility as well. The weatherseal is provided with metal carriers. As wear results to the seal, replacement seals can be simply slid into the metal carriers.
  • Steel Face Dock Bumpers: This option provides a very durable dock bumper. The bumper is comprised of laminated bumper sections behind a plate steel bumper face. The laminated rubber sections absorb the impact of the truck and trailer as it backs into the facility. The steel facing prevents the trailer from cutting or overly compressing the rubber absorption material, as the trailer backs into the Loading Dock and scrapes up and down on the bumpers as it raises and lowers with the suspension. The combination of the two components makes the steel face dock bumper and excellent solution for harsh Loading Dock environments.


Other available options for Hydraulic Dock Levelers:

  • Longer Lip Lengths
  • Hot Dip Galvanized or Epoxy Paint Finishes
  • Weatherseal Rubber or Brush
  • Shim Kits (To fit Dock Leveler to deeper pits)
  • Upgraded Capacities
  • Pour In Place Installation
  • Spray Foam Installation
  • Easy Sweep Frame

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