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Pentalift Vehicle Restratints

Vehicle restraints safety systems are a key component of efficient and safe modern loading docks. Vehicle restraints lock trailers into position at the loading dock. The vehicle restraint systems incorporate an integrated system of signal lights, inside on the vehicle restraint control panel and outside on the facility wall to communicate loading and restraint status to the dock attendant as well as the truck driver. To further increase safety, the vehicle restraint systems can be interlocked to other loading dock equipment such as dock levelers, inflatable dock seals and shelters, overhead doors through use of a common control panel.

Model UHR40

The Ultrahook UHR40 operation assures that there is no “gap” between the restraining hook and the rear impact guard of the trailer. The elimination of any “gap” further increases the holding power of the Ultrahook UHR40, by not permitting a restrained trailer to develop momentum during an unscheduled departure attempt.


The Ultrahook UHR40 is installed under the dock leveler which reduces maintenance and maximizes the reliability. When in use restraining the trailer, the only component that extends is the heavy steel hook. When not in use the entire assembly is safely stored and protected under the dock leveler. The main working components are away from weather, dirt and debris.

  • Simple and reliable design offers easy installation and minimal maintenance.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Hook, constructed from 1-3/4″ thick, 50,000 PSI minimum yield steel plate provides a 40,000lb draw bar rating.
  • External float spring facilitates easy adjustment and allows the Ultrahook UHR40 to fully float with the trailer suspension.
  • Hydraulic cylinders offer the ultimate in reliability (proven in industries such as aircraft and heavy construction equipment), eliminating problems associated with external electric motors, linear activators and/or gas spring operation.
  • To facilitate simple installation and retrofitting a “pour in place” pan version is available. It comes with a removable steel cover to keep out concrete and debris during installation.



  • Exterior high visibility, deluxe lights and dual image safety yellow instruction light and signs provided as standard. Narrow width of signs facilitates easy installation between dock seal side pads.
  • Interior sign directs lift truck operator to load/unload on green light signal only.
  • NEMA 12 interior wall mount control station. High visibility interior signal lights are coordinated with exterior signal lights. Clear, concise and easy to follow instructions guide dock attendant on how to use the system. Amber light and selector switch to accommodate “override” mode. Combination control panel combines the controls for all loading dock equipment into a single common panel and interlock dock equipment such as the; vehicle restraint system, hydraulic dock leveler, overhead door and inflatable dock shelter. This ensures proper use and sequencing of equipment for increased safety and ease of operation. PLC activation is standard.
  • All of the restraint components are protected under the dock leveler, away from snow, ice and debris. The installation provides a “clean” appearance.
  • Once the truck is positioned the Ultrahook UHR40 reaches out and pulls in to hook and securely hold the trailer while loading/unloading takes place. The only component that extends beyond the pit is the heavy-duty steel hook.



Direct and indirect costs of an industrial accident at the loading dock can easily exceed $5,000,000 and result in increased insurance costs. The Ultrahook UHR40 Vehicle Restraint Safety System reduces the potential for such an accident.
Important safety equipment should not be affected by the elements commonly present at the face of every loading dock. The fact that the Ultrahook UHR40 is protected under the dock leveler results in the following benefits:

  • The “under dock” position of the restraint protects the restraint from adverse conditions on the outside of the dock area. Only the restraint arm is exposed to the external adverse elements at the loading dock.
  • Eliminate damage and costly repairs to the restraint or snow removal equipment caused by hidden impact.
  • Eliminate difficulty of negotiating equipment close enough to face of the dock for proper snow removal.
  • Eliminate downtime and maintenance costs caused by accumulation of snow, ice and debris. The conditions can also cause the restraint to show false, therefore dangerous, operation signals.

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