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Model LPR35


Model LPR35

The Pentalift Model LPR35 Vehicle restraint safety system offers rugged design, simple and reliable hydraulic operation, an extremely low height, a stepped hook arrangement to restrict trailer/vehicle movement, minimal maintenance and maximum product value. The loading dock has been rated as one of the most hazardous areas within most facilities. Serious loading dock accidents can result from such things as premature truck departure, trailer creep and collapsing landing gear on spotted trailers. The Pentalift Model LPHR35 Vehicle Restraint Safety System is a proven solution to loading dock safety concerns. The reliable hydraulic operation promotes continued use by the dock attendant. The extremely low lowered height accommodates trailers with increasingly lower rear impact guards (R.I.G.) as well as addressing issues related to dock access problems for trucks due to inclined dock approaches.


Proven hydraulic operation ensures that the vehicle restraint will function reliably in the toughest environments. This is very important based on the harsh environment that most restraints are subjected to. Hydraulic systems are proven to be extremely reliable and durable. Due to this, hydraulic systems are the activation method of choice in industries such as aircraft and heavy construction equipment. The use of hydraulics on a vehicle restraint eliminates problems associated with relying on external electric motors, linear activators and/or gas spring operation that are incorporated by other manufacturers.

  • 35,000lb restraining capacity.
  • Stepped hook arrangement provides dual lock positions to restrict trailer movement.
  • Dual side-by-side hook arrangement effectively increases the rear impact guard holding strength and the restraining capacity of the restraint.
  • Signal bar requires approximately 30lbs of pressure to activate, thereby eliminating false engagement signal.
  • 8-3/4″ lowered height facilitates “No impact” operation. Accommodates new lower vehicle Rear Impact Guards and meets 1998 NHTSA rear impact bar regulations for trailers.
  • Hydraulic cylinder activation offers proven reliability.
  • Heavy-duty mounting plate ensures simple yet secure installation.
  • Watertight and corrosive duty limit switches are suited for harsh applications.
  • Flood resistant, standard design and construction ensures reliable operation even if the unit has been submerged. Other manufactures offer this feature as an option or not at all.
  • PTFE bushings in combination with hard chrome plated pins for reduced maintenance, on all pivot points.

Rugged structural guard protects the restraint components from impacts such as snow removal equipment and yard trucks. “Open” guard design allows dirt and debris to naturally move away from restraint components as opposed to competitive designs with boxed in housings that retain and hold dirt and debris that fall into the restraint. With other manufacturers restraints, the boxed in housing causes cleaning of the restraint to be more involved and more frequent.


  • Exterior high visibility, LED deluxe lights and dual image safety yellow instruction signs are provided as standard. Narrow width of light and signs facilitates easy installation between dock seal side pads. LED lights ensure long, reliable and energy efficient operation.
  • Interior sign directs lift truck operator to load/unload on green light signal only.



  • NEMA 12 interior wall mount control station. High visibility interior signal lights are coordinated with exterior signal lights. Clear, concise and easy to follow instructions guide dock attendant on how to use the system. Selector switch and amber light accommodate “override” mode. CSA certified for the design and manufacturer of industrial control equipment.
  • Combination control panels combine the controls for loading dock equipment such as vehicle restraint system, hydraulic dock leveler, overhead door and inflatable dock shelter into a single common panel. This ensures proper use and sequencing of equipment for increased safety and ease of operation.



Hydraulic power unit is compact and easily installed on interior wall of loading dock or under the dock leveler. Internal wall mount installation safely positions motor and pump assembly away from the elements, condensation and the potential impact of an incoming vehicle. When purchased in conjunction with a Pentalift hydraulic dock leveler, the operation of the Pentalift Model LPR35 vehicle restraint safety system and hydraulic dock leveler are combined into one single hydraulic power unit for decreased maintenance and increased reliability.
For more information please visit Pentalift’s Website
For more information please visit Penalift’s Website

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