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Custom Doors


What is the difference between a tract house and a custom home? Many things. But one of the simplest ways to dramatize a home is with well designed doors both inside and outside. What a difference Rogue Valley doors make! Among the finest quality wood doors available, Rogue Valley Doors are custom crafted to your specifications and ready within weeks. Whether you are an architect, a builder-developer, or a homeowner who insists on quality, you can put the finishing touch on your unique home with highly complementary Rogue Valley doors.

Textured Glass Doors

Full length glass set into a double maple door entryway lets in the lights and sights of the great outdoors. Curved geometric transoms over cherry wood doors bring stylized uniformity to interior passageways. Custom quality craftsmanship brings with it a creative array of solutions for a beautiful entryway. Choose your favorite door and customize it with the specialty glass of your choice.



  • Alder
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Fir
  • Hickory
  • Knotty Alder
  • Knotty Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Primed
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Walnut
  • White Oak



  • White Laminate: A multifunctional safety glazing material manufactured by sandwiching a white film between two clear glass panes.
  • Satin: Protect your privacy while allowing the light in. This translucent glass offers a semi-opaque effect.
  • Clear: A classic clear window pane treatment that is fully transparent.
  • Mist Lite: A tight criss cross treatment on a clear glass pane that is mostly opaque.
  • #32: A textured, fairly opaque, clear glass pattern.
  • Grey: A clear glass treatment with a subtle grey hue that is fully transparent.
  • Delta Frost: A classic thick frosted glass treatment with a vein-like texture that is fairly opaque.
  • Rain: A vertical treatment resembling raindrops that is fairly opaque.
  • Seedy Baroque: A clear glass with a scattered appearance and a baroque wash with asymmetrical curves.
  • Bronze: A clear glass treatment with light bronze undertones that is mostly transparent.
  • Sand Blasted: A blown out white treatment with the granular texture of sand that is fully opaque. Not recommended for single pane doors.
  • Reeded: An elegant vertical line treatment that is fairly transparent.
  • Bevel: A clear, tempered glass with a striking beveled edge.
  • Evergreen: A clear glass treatment with subtle green highlights that is mostly transparent.
  • Obscure: A pebbled or “orange peel” treatment that is mostly opaque.
  • Glue Chip: A stylish frosted treatment that is fairly opaque.
  • Bamboo: A unique pattern with vertical bamboo reeds and leaves. Fairly opaque. Not recommended for multi-light doors as the bamboo reeds will not line up.
  • Double Glue Chip: Glue chipped twice to obtain a denser, more concealing look than the standard glue chip.
  • Heavy Water: A clear pane with a distorted treatment that gives the illusion of being under water.
  • Matte: Protect your privacy while allowing the light in. This translucent glass offers an opaque effect.
  • Reeded 157: A wide reed, fairly opaque, vertical treatment with small grooves between wide reeds.
  • Solar Bronze: Reduce incoming light and protect your privacy. From outside, this glass gives a mirror effect, while from the inside it gives a clear view of the outdoors with a slight bronze tint.
  • Cross Reed: Vertical and horizontal reeds intersect in this clear, semi-transparent glass.
  • Sycamore: Leaf impressions offer soft obscurity while allowing an abundance of light to travel throughout the room.
  • Taffeta: Reminiscent of taffeta fabric, this radiant glass offers privacy without obscuring natural light.
  • IGW/Bronze GBG: Insulated glass divided by a bronze internal grid to simulate a door with multiple lights.
  • IGW/White GBG: Insulated glass is divided by a white internal grid to simulate a door with multiple lights.

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