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Builders Advantage Series


Sometimes an exterior door needs additional protection from the demanding elements of Mother Nature. Developed for exterior doors that are subject to harsher environments, Performance Series is a selection of heavy-duty door components that deliver maximum protection for your finely crafted Simpson door. We currently offer two Performance Series Options UltraBlock and WaterBarrier Technologies. The combination of these two technologies creates a door suited for the toughest exposures. And this protection is delivered without sacrificing the charm and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from a Simpson door. After all, a beautiful door is only worth having if you can protect it.

Builders Advantage Series

A leaded glass door from our Builder’s Advantage Series will undoubtedly make an impact on the appeal of any home. The decorative glass infuses a wealth of charm into any setting, and all at an affordable price.


Door Ways

We understand that details make the difference. That’s why have a department dedicated specifically to decorative glass and raised moulding. More than half of the doors that come through the Simpson plant are customized in some way and we have the capacity to tailor a design just for you.
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