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Bungalow Series

Sometimes an exterior door needs additional protection from the demanding elements of Mother Nature. Developed for exterior doors that are subject to harsher environments, Performance Series is a selection of heavy-duty door components that deliver maximum protection for your finely crafted Simpson door. We currently offer two Performance Series Options UltraBlock and WaterBarrier Technologies. The combination of these two technologies creates a door suited for the toughest exposures. And this protection is delivered without sacrificing the charm and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from a Simpson door. After all, a beautiful door is only worth having if you can protect it.

Bungalow Series

A fine, hand-crafted product never goes out of style. And it virtually always retains its value. This certainly holds true for our collection of Bungalow Series doors. Offered with traditional beaded v-groove panels and Simpson’s ViewSaver construction, these doors are a perfect option for establishing that feeling of traditional comfort.


Medex Panel Option

Looking to paint your Bungalow Series door? Then consider specifying a Medex panel. Medex is manufactured from wood residues that have been pressure-cooked with steam and then rubbed apart to small, relatively uniform bundles of fiber. This process affords additional weather protection for exterior doors, and when painted, appears just like our standard wood panel.

Door Ways

While manufacturers continually look to do things faster, we feel it’s important to slow the process down for some key steps in our manufacturing process. One prime example is the way we dry our wood. We believe in drying our wood as slowly as possible and it can take between nine and fourteen days in our dry kilns to bring our wood to the optimum moisture content. Drying the wood more quickly can result in more problems down the road and that’s a shortcut we’re just not willing to take. Select a Simpson door and you’ll get a more beautiful door for your home, because we’ve built it smarter.
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