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Sometimes an exterior door needs additional protection from the demanding elements of Mother Nature. Developed for exterior doors that are subject to harsher environments, Performance Series is a selection of heavy-duty door components that deliver maximum protection for your finely crafted Simpson door. We currently offer two Performance Series Options UltraBlock and WaterBarrier Technologies. The combination of these two technologies creates a door suited for the toughest exposures. And this protection is delivered without sacrificing the charm and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from a Simpson door. After all, a beautiful door is only worth having if you can protect it.

Select Series

When you have discerning taste, you put a lot of thought into the things you select in life. You strive to capture a smart design, as well as make smart decisions. Simpson’s Select Series is an array of charismatic doors, delivering great value, highlighted by a range of tasteful decorative glass configurations. Create a door that heeds your style, and your sensibility.



  • Wood: There are no limits. You can choose from an array of species, from traditional to exotic, each meeting our strict grading standards.
  • Size: To obtain the ideal overall size for you, choose your door height, width, thickness, and different components such as sidelights and transoms.
  • Caming: From silver to black to brass, opt for the style of caming that best complements your style.
  • Privacy: Choose from a level of glass privacy, on a scale of 1 to 10, ranging form completely transparent to completely private.

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