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5216/5916 Series

C.H.I 5216/5916 Series Carriage Style Garage Doors

Tough. Dependable. Long-Lasting. Few doors in your home get more use than your garage door — it truly is the biggest door in your house. More than any other door, it needs to work dependably and stand up to the elements for years on end. Built to meet these challenges — and look good doing it — C.H.I. garage doors give you a wide range of options that fit your home’s individuality and help you maintain your investment in it.
The 5216 and 5916 combine the beauty of a traditional, wood carriage house door with the strength and durability of steel. A foamed in place process using CFC free polyurethane foam completely fills the core of this product, combining a high degree of structural integrity with an exceptional R-value rating. PVC extrusions at both section joints provide a thermal break by separating the front and back of the door.



  • 2″ door sections are formed from 26-gauge exterior galvanized draw quality shed
  • Section joints are roll-formed into a tongue-and-groove design which produces a superior weather seal
  • High-density CFC free polyurethane injected core
  • Extra heavy paint system available in white, almond, sandstone or brown
  • Glazing options include standard glass and glue chip glass with numerous optional insert designs
  • Optional Endurance and Appearance Package upgrades available
  • Long-lasting rollers assure consistent, efficient operation
  • Bottom weather seal utilizes an aluminum retainer and extruded virgin vinyl
  • Concealed steel plates run continuously from top to bottom of each section for fastening hardware
  • Extension or torsion springs individually computer-calibrated to lift your door
  • Hinges are stamped from galvanized steel in a “wide body” pattern for greater stability and longer life
  • One set of spade decorative hardware is standard for all doors. Optional “Barcelona” or Wrought Iron designs replicate an old-world look
  • Exterior decorative hardware includes 4 hinges, 2 handles and pop rivets for mounting to face
  • DASMA TDS-163 Calculated R-value: 15.38

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