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Aspen Series Steel Residential Garage Doors


Aspen™ Series Steel Residential Garage Doors

Raynor Aspen™ Series steel residential garage doors provide the ultimate in safety, quality and energy efficiency in a steel, three-layer construction door design. The Aspen Series features Raynor’s proprietary WeatherLock™ section joint, providing unyielding strength, section joint weather seal and thermal break to lock out cold and heat.

  • Aspen™ AP200 Steel Garage Doors

    Perfect Elegance – The flagship model of the Aspen Series is the elegant AP200 model. Beautiful and strong, the Aspen AP200 is 2″ thick and features Raynor’s Neufoam™ polyurethane insulation that fills 100% of the interior cavity resulting in an 18.0 R-value. The AP200 is available in 8 colors, 2 wood grain patterns and 5 standard and 19 optional door designs.

  • Aspen™ AP138 Steel Garage Doors

    Reliable Quality – For reliability, Raynor Aspen AP138 is the perfect choice. The Aspen AP138 is 1-3/8″ thick with an R-value of 13.0. The AP138 incorporates the same Neufoam™ technology and is available in all the same colors and door designs as the AP200.

  • Raynor’s OptiFinish™

    Raynor’s OptiFinish allows your Traditions steel garage door to be customized with more than 1800 Sherwin-Williams colors.

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