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Roboslide Elite Series

The RoboSlide is our most advanced slide gate operator for single family residences. Designed for super-quiet and reliable performance, it can handle up to 70 cycles per day with gates weighing up to 800 lbs. and up to 20 feet in length.
Plus, what makes this system truly unique is it’s long list of built-in safety and convenience features. To simplify installation, the operator may be installed with low-cost, low-voltage wiring or in remote locations using our optional “Solar 3” 12-volt power system. It is also equipped with an automatic closing timer, safety reversing sensor, electronic shutoff and may be set up with an optional safety loop system.


Elite operators are skillfully crafted in every detail. Each model features the most advanced and the most complete list of components available in the industry.

  • MOTOR: Permanent magnetic 12-volt DC motor.
  • BATTERY: Sealed 12-volt, 7-amp battery for long operational life.
  • GEAR BOX: 30-to-1 ratio gear reducer in an oil bath.
  • CONTROL BOARD: Modular control board uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of the operator.
  • SURGE SUPPRESSOR: Surge suppressor module protects the RoboSlide from near lighting strikes.
  • REVERSING SENSOR: If the gate hits a vehicle while closing opening, it stops, reverses several inches, and stops again.
  • ALARM INDICATOR: Alarm will sound anytime the moving gate is physically stopped by an unwanted object.
  • OPTIONAL SOLAR PANEL: Allows RoboSlide to operate in remote locations.

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