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Swing Gate Operators

Miracle-One Elite Series

The Miracle-One is a DC-powered swing gate operator designed to deliver smooth, ultra-quiet performance. With state-of-the-art features like a battery backup, anti-theft alarm system, variable speeds and optional solar panels, this gate operator makes security smart. Even smarter is the ease with which this system can be installed. Backed by the most comprehensive support available, the Miracle-One is the complete solution for your customers.


  • Variable speed, 24V DC
  • Battery backup
  • 600 pounds of torque for exceptional power
  • Built-in radio receiver compatible with Security+ transmitters
  • Improved limit switch system
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • External alarm reset button
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Compact modern design
  • Emergency key release
  • ERD and alarm included
  • Dust protector
  • Added surge protection and spike suppression


Strength & Safety in every detail

Each aspect of the Miracle-One has been developed thoroughly to create one of the most complete advanced systems in the industry.

  • BUILT-IN RADIO RECEIVER: Radio receiver compatible with Security+ transmitters. Allows for one transmitter to conveniently open the gate and garage door. Transmitter sold separately.
  • SOFT START/STOP: Operator starts the cycle slowly, increases in speed, then comes to a stop slowly using the limit switch system. No positive stop required.
  • EXTERNAL ALARM RESET BUTTON: The external alarm reset button allows for quick reset of the gate operator when the alarm has been activated.
  • BATTERY BACKUP: Standard battery backup will keep the gate operator fully functional when there is a power failure for 100-200 cycles.
  • KEY RELEASE: In case of an emergency, the gate can be operated manually by using the convenient key release on the operator.
  • REVERSING SENSOR: If the gate hits a vehicle as it is opening, it reverses a few inches and stops. If it hits a vehicle upon closing, it will reopen.
  • DUST PROTECTOR: The Miracle-One comes standard with a built-in dust protectant underside.
  • SOLAR PANEL: Optional Solar package allows the Miracle-One to operate as an independent unit with the use of DC Adapter and Solar Panel.
  • PHOTOCELL SENSOR: To avoid injury, Elite offers a photocell sensor for use as a secondary means of protection.



The Miracle-One is available in a Master/Second package which includes a cable extension kit consisting of 40 ft. of direct burial wire, junction box and connecting hardware. For use in applications where two gate operators are needed.

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