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3/4 HP Chain Drive

Designed to handle even the heaviest residential doors, the Raynor Ultra combines a 3/4 hp motor with a rugged I-beam rail and chassis support for added strength and reliable operation. A dual-drive sprocket allows the opener’s speed to be adjusted to optimize door and opener performance. Each unit comes standard with a premium motion-detecting control panel, burled walnut 3-button remote control with rolling code security technology and 200 watts of lighting for brighter illumination.


  • Dual Sprocket Assembly. Allows the opener’s speed to be tailored to your door’s needs.
  • I-Beam Rail. The rugged solid steel I-beam rail adds increased strength and stability.
  • Chassis Support Bracket. Provides a rigid connection between the powerhead and rail – eliminating flex.
  • Motor vibration Isolation System. This breakthrough technology offers powerful, super-quiet operation that’s trouble-free, year after year.
  • “Smart Door Opener” This convenient feature lets you electronically program security codes from the control panel or the powerhead – saving you time and hassle.



  • Safety Signal Transmitter. The designer burled walnut control selects a new code from over 100 billion possibilities with every use, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to “capture” your code. Operates up to 3 garage doors.
  • Motion-Detecting Control Panel. A “hands-free” motion detector automatically turns your opener lights on when you enter the garage. Also locks out all radio control signals while you’re away.



  • Soft Glo Multi-Function Control Panel. Find your way in a dark garage with the lighted control. Turn opener lights on/off from inside garage. Locks out all remote control signals when you’re away.
  • Mini Safety Signal Remote Control. Convenient size to carry on key chain. Operate up to 3 doors and turns opener lights on/off.
  • Safety Signal Keyless Entry. Opens and closes your door when you enter a 4-digit code. Enter a temporary code that allows guests or service people access for a specific number of activations for a limited length of time.



  • Brighter Illumination. 200 watts of light. Adjustable 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 minute light delay. Plus, hinged lens covers allow easier bulb replacement.
  • PosiLock Security System. Once your garage door goes down, it’s securely locked so an intruder cannot gain access.
  • Protector System Photo Eyes. Projects an invisible beam across the door opening. If any object breaks the light beam while closing, the door will stop and reverse direction to full open position.

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