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Simpson French Doors

Simpson offers a wide variety of Exterior French Patio Doors that will complement any home.

Exterior French Doors

The right doors can really make the view. Our Exterior French & Sash doors are created with our exclusive ViewSaver technology, and can be specified with our Performance Series construction. What does that mean? Well you’ll maximize your view of the outdoors while keeping the elements of nature away.

Water Barrier Technology

WaterBarrier Technology, a component of our Performance Series, helps preserve the beauty of your Simpson doors. Available on these exterior French doors, the innovation affords you superior water protection. So take advantage of the WaterBarrier Technology option, and keep the charm of your doors intact.

  • One-piece Medium Density Overlay (MDO) on the outside for the very toughest exposures – commonly used on concrete forms and street signs
  • Minimizes stile and rail seperation
  • Eliminates checking on the face of the door
  • Excellent durability ad resists moisture absorption
  • Overlay has thermoset acrylic latex primer topcoat, resulting in superior paint application
  • Can use water or alkyd-base paints on finish
  • PVC glazing bead provides moisture resistance
  • Choose any species to match interior architecture
  • Available in select French doors
  • Five year limited warranty


UltraBlock Technology

Simpson also offers UltraBlock protection on all 1-3/4″ thick doors.
UltraBlock technology features a composite block in the bottom of the stiles, where water infiltration typically occurs. Our exclusive Weather Seal process provides additional protection against moisture penetrating the bottom rail. It’s our version of the galoshes you splashed around in as a kid.

  • Maximum protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Composite block material finger-jointed into the bottom of the stiles eliminates water infiltration
  • Minimizes stile and rail separation
  • Eliminates bottom rail and lower stile rot
  • Reduces buckling and swelling of bottom rail and lower stile components
  • Improves warp resistance
  • Five year limited warranty



  • Wood: There are no limits. You can choose from an array of species, from traditional to exotic, each meeting our strict grading standards.
  • Size: To obtain the ideal overall size for you, choose your door height, width, thickness, and different components such as sidelights and transoms.
  • Caming: From silver to black to brass, opt for the style of caming that best complements your style.
  • Privacy: Choose from a level of glass privacy, on a scale of 1 to 10, ranging form completely transparent to completely private.


      ViewSaver technology combines a sleek profile bar design with 3/4″ insulated glass for maximum energy efficiency. Our exclusive kerfed wood-to-wood joints between bars improve the glazing system and help resist moisture infiltration.

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