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Premier EuroGlide Sliding Doors


Great Lakes Window is one of the nation’s oldest manufacturer’s all-vinyl custom replacement windows and patio doors. And in the window business you don’t get to be “old” by resting on your laurels or creating interior products. With a long history of innovation and relentless commitment to quality. Great Lakes Window has maintained a reputation for manufacturing world-class products and for standing behind them with industry-leading warranties.

Premier EuroGlide Sliding Doors

Premier Operating System: This innovative system truly reflects a desire to “glide through life” with a patio door that opens and closes with precedented ease.

Effortless Elegance

The elegant appearance of the Premier Luxury Performance Door is undeniable. Yet its beauty runs even deeper. For within its precision crafted frame lies the exclusive EuroGlide operating system. This remarkable technology dramatically reduces the effort to operate the door. In fact, it’s effortless.

Operational Ease

The EuroGlide operating system integrates two major innovations. The first is a handle engineered to literally lift the door panel off the sill when you rotate the handle. The second is a ball bearing roller system that enables a door weighing up to 550lbs. to glide smoothly open and closed with just the push of a finger. A mere 8 lbs. of force is all it takes to operate, once in motion, compared to up to 20lbs. for a standard sliding door.

180 Degrees from Ordinary

The unique-looking handle of the Premier Luxury Performance Door befits the exceptional technology that is the EuroGlide operating system.
Rotating the handle 180 degrees actually lifts the door off the sill, enabling it to glide effortlessly on its innovative stainless steel and cast aluminum ball bearing roller system with just 8lbs. of force the push of one finger.
Plus its exclusive multi-point locking system delivers two to three times the amount of security of standard sliding doors. When the panel is closed, locking lugs engage four lock bolts strategically positioned along the door jamb for maximum security.


  • State-of-the-art 180 degree moving handle that lifts the door, enabling it to glide effortlessly.
  • EuroGlide handle is offered in Classic Brass, Satin Nickel, & Oil Rubbed Brass.

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