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The Sunair Lateral Arm Retractable Awning offers the ideal solution for creating a comfortable outdoor environment the whole family can enjoy. Imagine staying cool while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Finally you can enjoy cookouts and entertaining the way they are meant to be at a fraction of the cost of a permanent addition..


You can also reduce utility bills. Our awnings reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by up to 94% and reduce heat gain by as much as 77%. Awnings can reduce cooling energy by as much as 17% in moderate climates.


A Sunair retractable lateral awning is the ideal shading solution for decks and patios. They can be mounted on the wall, soffit or roof for additional headroom. With a simple hand crank or a convenient optional motor, your awning will instantly protect you and your family from the elements. On cloudy days or when not in use, your Sunair awning is completely self-storing. It eliminates the need for seasonal removal have engineered the most durable arm systems using the strongest materials, and most sophisticated arm design.


  • Sunstar – Max Width: 24 ft & Max Projection: 11’6″
  • Sunair – Max Width: 35 ft & Max Projection: 14′
  • Suntube – Max Width 20 ft & Max Projection: 13′



  • ARMS – FEATURE: All arm parts under stress are made of forged aluminum including the shoulder, elbow, and arm components. All arms 8’7″ and above use three heavy duty steel springs. BENEFIT: Forged aluminum components are stronger then all die castings or extrusions resulting in a stronger awning against the elements. Three heavy duty steel springs provide better arm tension and longer arm life.
  • FLEXIBILITY – FEATURE: Sunair uses only the strongest materials yet is engineered for flexibility with a unique two way movable front arm attachment. BENEFIT: Our unique two way movable front arm attachment relieves strain and increases flexibility and strength in the arm, which reduces wind damage.
  • ELBOW – FEATURE: The Sunair uses twin stainless steel high quality aircraft cable. The hinge is triple angled with an elliptical cable radius. BENEFIT: Twin cables are far superior to a single cable, as cable wear is reduced, allowing better arm and fabric tension. The elliptical cable radius increases tension as the awning extends. The angles help keep the fabric from dragging on the arms.
  • PROFILES & PAINT – FEATURE: All extrusions and components are exclusively made of the highest quality aluminum. The parts are first chromate treated, and than electro statically powder coated. BENEFIT: Aluminum extrusions are strong, yet will not corrode over time like steel. This equates to a longer lasting awning. Chromating gives better powder adhesion, holds up better against the elements, resisting cracking and peeling.
  • GEARS – FEATURE: Manual operated Sunair units use a heavy duty German 4:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop. A 13:1 gear is used on larger widths. BENEFIT: The 4:1 gear is the most efficient gear made. This gear minimizes the time and effort needed in operating a manual awning. The stop eliminates fabric damage due to over rolling.
  • THREAD – FEATURE: All fabrics are sewn with Tenara thread. This thread is manufactured from GORE-Tex, and is clear and nearly invisible. BENEFIT: Tenara thread is made of Teflon and will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. The clear thread is nearly invisible on most fabric colors.



Choose from our exclusive PARA Tempostat fabric collection. Hundreds of premium grade solid and striped 100% acrylic fabric colors are available to choose from. Surely you will find a fabric to suit your needs and taste. Acrylic fabric is more attractive and breathes better than other fabrics. Acrylic fabric is also resistant to fading and mildew and has a water repellant Teflon coating. Other fabrics are also available.
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