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Are your windows drafty and difficult to operate? Have the seals failed? And are they requiring more time and money to maintain? Then Essentials by Sunrise Windows has the solution. And best of all, Essentials will be the last window you’ll need to buy as they’re guaranteed for as long as you live in your home.

Essentials by Sunrise Windows


They tilt in for easy cleaning. Are you tired of going outside and climbing up on ladders to clean your windows? All Essentials Windows feature tilt in or lift out sashes so that you can clean the exterior panes of glass form the safety of inside your home.


The Constant Force operating system ensures years of smooth, trouble free operation. Because of the constant force provided by the balance system, wherever you move the sash, that’s where it stays! And your windows will glide along whisper quiet due to low friction. Rest assured, your Essentials Windows will be just as easy to operate years into the future as they are on the day they’re installed.



Tired of painting your windows? Essentials Windows are made of specially formulated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and since the color is through and through, you’ll never have to paint or stain your window again.


Essentials Windows feature heavy duty metal security cam locks, and most windows have a dual locking system for even more security.
Essentials Double Hung and Sliders feature convenient night vent latches that allow you to limit the opening of of the window to just a few inches in order to bring in some fresh air.
Essentials Windows are also constructed with a unique Window Interlocking Design, where the two sashes seal at the meeting rail in order to hinder unwanted entry as well as to guard against air infiltration and drafts.


When you choose the Power E Glass System, you choose a 3/4″ overall dual glazed insulated unit featuring Power E Glass, the SureEdge Spacer System, and an insulating space filled with high-density argon gas. Power E Glass is designed with a proprietary glass coating and structure that allows the system, combined with energy-conserving argon gas, to insulate better then Low-E glass and even most triple-paned products.


Modern double pane sealed insulated glass units were created over 50 years ago and, over that time, the materials to make insulated glass have steadily evolved so that units could be made to last longer and insulate better. SureEdge Spacer System, the next step in the evolution of insulated glass units, provides the best value and thermal performance in windows, and is the exclusive spacer system used in the construction of Essentials Windows.


Essentials by Sunrise Windows come in two colors to complement any decor: Painters White and Tan.
You also have your choice of two styles of grids: Standard Colonial and Contour. Both styles are available in various patterns, and best of all, the grids are contained in the airtight space between the panes of glass so you don’t have to dust them!
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